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Amazing Animals Catching Prey

Amazing Animals Catching Prey Photography

In wild animals hunting or catching prey is very necessary if they want to survive. Here we present the collection of images of wild animals catching prey. They have their eyesight on its prey and they even plan the strategy to catch them. It’s not at all easy for them to catch their prey, sometimes the prey gets lucky to escape. Some wild animals go without food for a long time as they sometimes couldn’t found any prey in their territory.

These animals catching prey pictures are amazing and showing their wild habitual feature. The natural system or law of wildlife animals is very simple that the big animals eat the little one.

Animal Catching Prey Image

Dogs running after a rabbit


Animal Catching Prey Photo

Beer holding a fish in mouth


Animal Catching Prey Pic

Wolf with its prey


Animal Catching Prey Picture

Eagle holds a rat


Animal Catching Prey Wallpaper

Wolf holds a rat in her mouth


Bird Catching Prey Image

Bird flies off after catching its prey


Bird Catching Prey Photo

A Bird catch hold few fishes in mouth


Bird Catching Prey Pic

A Bird catches fish with claw and flies off


Bird Catching Prey Picture

Blue heron holding a fish with mouth


Bird Catching Prey Wallpaper

Cormorant catching a fish


Catching Prey Image

Bear is trying to catch a fish


Catching Prey Photo

Snake about to prey bird


Catching Prey Pic

A bird takes off after catching a fish


Catching Prey Picture

A snake is about to have her prey


Catching Prey Wallpaper

A bird holds a butterfly in mouth


Cheetah Catching Prey

Cheetah running after its prey


Cheetah Catching Prey Image

Cheetah on run to catch its prey


Cheetah Catching Prey Photo

Cheetah making a chase to catch its prey


Crocodile Catching Prey

Crocodile about to grab a scorpion


Crocodile Catching Prey Image

A fish trying to save her life


Lion Catching Prey

Lioness tries to make a hold on wild buffalo


Lion Catching Prey Image

Lion make a pounce on its prey


Lions Catching Prey Picture

Few Lions on charge to knock buffalo down

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