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Oswald – Adventures of large-sized Blue color Octopus

Oswald is a well-renowned American preschooler cartoon series aired on Nick channel. This amusing kid’s cartoon series was created by Dan Yaccarino and was co-produced by HiT Entertainment. However, this children cartoon show is also telecast on Zee TV India in Hindi dubbed version.

As the name of show suggest the entire series follows the amazing adventures of large-sized blue color octopus, Oswald and his friends. He lives in a fictional New York City-like city called Big City, where tall building and vehicles are designed in various ordinary stuffs that one use during day-to-day life. He loves to play piano and usually sings to relieve himself or to cheer his friend. He loves to have Swizzleberry Swirl ice-cream. He is companied by his two best friend name Daisy and Henry along with his cute dog pet called Weenie.

Weenie is a wiener-dog who only communicates in bark-speak and holds firm similarity to hot dog. During the entire series, Oswald sometimes entitles her as Weenie-girl or just simply girl. She can only communicate in bark-speak language with others though she always accompanies Oswald everywhere he goes and her favorite food stuff is vanilla dog biscuit.

Moreover, Henry the Penguin is down-stair Oswald neighbor who put on great efforts to maintain his rigid schedule that includes taking care of extensive spoon collection, watching his favorite TV show “Penguin Patrol” to get end to his beautiful evening and practicing Penguin Polka before bedtime. On other side, Daisy is a tall green/yellow/orange color and is always energetic and bouncy to complete his work fast with feeling of joy. She loves to have sunflower sundaes, riding her beautiful unicycle and drinking peppermint tea.

Oswald and his friends go to new and innovative adventures such as camping on mountain hill, swimming at beach, collecting Tuttie Fruttie fruits etc. to entertain their viewers along with offering good example of manner & obedience.

Oswald on Pogo Cartoon Picture

Sunflower, Octopus and a Penguin at beach


Oswald on Pogo Cartoon Image

Octopus walking down the stairs


Oswald on Pogo Cartoon Photo

Oswald and a Dog with Snowman


Oswald on Pogo Cartoon Pic

Oswald and Weenie looking at Henry Penguin


Oswald on Pogo Cartoon Wallpaper

Oswald Cartoon Scene


Oswald Photo

Blue color Oswald


Oswald Pic

Oswald and his friends stick with each other


Oswald Picture

Oswald and dog sitting in park


Oswald playing Piano Photo

Oswald is playing a Piano


Oswald Wallpaper

Oswald and Daisy setiing up tent


Daisy Plays a musical Instrument Photo

Daisy plays a musical Instrument


Oswald and Daisy Photo

Oswald and Daisy at the lake shore


Oswald and his friends at Ms. Butterfly Restaurant Photo

Oswald and friends gathered at Ms. Butterfly Restaurant


Oswald and his friends eating Marshmallow Photo

Oswald with his friends having a break time


Oswald Cartoon Image

Oswald watering plant pot


Oswald Cartoon Photo

Oswald at Fish Aquarium


Oswald Cartoon Pic

Oswald driving a car


Oswald Cartoon Picture

Oswald and his friends are laughing together


Oswald Cartoon Wallpaper

Penguin throws the paper


Oswald Image

Oswald saves Ms. Butterfly's child

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