2:51 am - Wednesday May 25, 2016


M.A.D – Get into Innovative Art Creativity

MAD (Music, Art and Dance) is a creative award winning show on Pogo channel hosted by most loved anchor of kids’ TV, Harun Robert better known as “Rob”. This exclusive TV show is entirely joy-filled, interactive, innovative journey enhancing ordinary stuffs into inspiring work piece with a little tingle of creative twist. Every single time whenever one tune into this show, one find out new and creative styles that are even more easy like never before and one can simply try to taste tender of joy and fun.

In this innovative MAD show, Rob takes viewers to an amazing and creative joy-ride with simple enhancements like art tools such as pencil, paper, paintbrush and colors to explore creative world through art. He describes novel techniques for painting for creating entertaining and amazing papers artifacts. On other side, he also provide us wonderful and marvelous skill like playing with shadows and silhouettes, useful methods for recycling bottles and boxes with so much fun. And for making show even more enjoyable, Rob let his mind’s eye and creativeness to run much wild to portray most magnificent, spectacular and gigantic picture of creativity. So don’t waste time to get into innovative art adventure like never before.

M.A.D Photo

Rob along with kids


Rob playing with Shadows

Rob showing the Shadows creativity


M.A.D Picture

Rob drawing something


ROB with Creative Paper Craft

ROB with Creative Paper Craft Lizard


Rob with Innovative Paper Artifact

Rob shows his Creative Paper Artifact

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