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Cambala Investigation Agency

Cambala Investigation Agency – CIA Gang of Pogo TV

Cambala Investigation Agency or CIA was firstly renowned as Cambala files in Bangladesh and Pakistan is an investigation series that is broadcast on Indian Television channel Pogo TV. This show focuses five children named Rohit Ghosh, Sucheta Duggar, Nikki Mehra, Ishaan Mehra and last but not the least Farhan Siddiqui.

These five members of CIA live in a small fictitious town named as Cambala solve a number of crimes with their amazing skill and intelligence in free time. They all are courageous and logically curious to unfold the mysteries, cracking up top secret codes and to bust up kidnapping and big-scale robberies.

Rohit Ghosh as MOD (Master of Disguise), Sucheta Duggar as brainy, Ishaan Mehra as gadget guru, Farhan Siddiqui is a complete opposite guy to Rohit while Nikki Mehra considered to be baby kid of this CIA gang of Pogo TV. These kids are armed with smart gizmos, cool bikes and intellectual thinking solves each and every unclosed mysteries with their amazing skills through any kind of risk or difficulty.

Cambala Investigation Agency Photo

Cambala Investigation Agency Team


CIA Headquaters Photo

Inside view of CIA Headquarters


CIA members having Fun at Seashore

CIA members having Funtime at Seashore


CIA members Photo

CIA group members


CIA Photo

A scene from cambala files


Farhan and Sucheta Picture

Farhan and Sucheta smiling


Farhan, Ishaan and Nikki at Harbour

Farhan, Ishaan and Nikki discussing at Harbor


CIA Picture

Ishaan talking on cell phone


Rohit as Daddaji for Mystery of Invisible Thief

Rohit dressed as an old man


CIA meeting at Cafe

CIA team meeting at Cafe

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