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Zig and Sharko

Zig and Sharko – A Fast-Paced Funny Side Hunt

Zig and Sharko was initially a French comical animated series including 78 hilarious episodes of 7-minutes each directed by well-renowned French animation studios Xilam. It is a famous animation director and producer known for its Space Goofs & Oggy and the Cockroaches that were created earlier. This animated series is completely based on typical convention of fast-paced funny side of great chase like famous Tom and Jerry cartoon series that has put great impact on the mind of its viewers.

This show focuses a desert island where Zig the Hyena lives all alone and has nothing to eat around him. During the entire series, Zig always tries to find out new & innovative ideas and schemes to target mermaid called Marina for having her as his meal. Marina is a beautiful as well as cheerful mermaid who lives in bottom of the sea but stays on small rock during day time. Other important character of this show is Sharko a shark who appears to be boyfriend and body-guard of Marina. Every time Zig set-up the chase to hunt Marina but never able to succeed as Sharko fails each & every wicked Zig’s schemes by his courageous and fearless endeavor to safeguard Marina from getting harm.

Other supporting characters of this cartoon series are Bernie and King Neptune. Bernie is a cute sea-crab adapted as pet by Marina because of his charming looks but on other side he helps Zig in his evil plans to target Marina as his meal while King Neptune appears to be king of the sea who aim to attract Marina by his looks.

But the most amazing fact about this show is that the voices Zig, Bernie and Sharko appears to same as voices famous Bollywood stars Saif Ali Khan, Arshad Warsi and Sunny Deol respectively. Moreover, the commentary during the entire series is done in Nana Patekar’s voice.

Zig and Sharko Pic

Marina sitting on rock


Zig and Sharko Picture

Sharko golds Zig by his tail


Zig and Sharko Wallpaper

Zig carrying away Marina from Sharko


Zig and Sharko Photo

Zig, Sharko and Marina one behind the other


Zig and Sharko Cartoon Image

Zig and Sharko Cartoon on Nick


Zig and Sharko Cartoon Photo

Marina stops Sharko by hitting Zig


Zig and Sharko Cartoon Picture

Zig and Sharko in water


Zig and Sharko Cartoon Wallpaper

Various characters in Zig and Sharko Cartoon


Zig and Sharko Image

Zig holding a gun while crab is directing boat

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