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Perman – A Boy Superhero

Perman is actually a Japanese manga series created by famous manga artist Fujiko Fujio. Later on due to its high sale this manga was adapted as animated series and telecast all over Japan via satellite television.

This fun watch cartoon show focuses a coward boy Mitsuo Suwa who is chosen to work as a super hero by Birdman to save people of his city from various evils and help others. Mitsuo needs three superlative stuffs that were gifted to him by Birdman for transforming himself into boy superhero “Perman”. Primary thing is Perman’s mask that increases one’s strength to about 6600 times than that of initial. Second stuff is a cape same as a Superman enables to fly at tremendous speeds of 119 km/h. Last but most important Perman stuff is the Perman Badge which makes them to talk with Birdman and other members of Perman Team in terms of any emergency and also offers them breathing underwater.

In this show Mitsuo is supposed to hide his secret of Perman from his family and friends and for this reason he has also given a Robot which gets transform into person who touches his nose to it so that helps him as his replica during mission. In general Mitsuo is idle and below average schoolboy but when he turn himself into Perman he become lot more serious and start protecting the people and help them in their troubles. He is very popular and always loved by the people when he is Perman but the same people doesn’t love him when he simply Mitsuo, therefore he is so much eager to tell the truth to the people but at time he remember Birdman warning that whenever he told the truth to anyone he will be converted into animal by Birdman.

Later on Mitsuo meets other Perman named Bobby, Pako and Payan, these all four provides safeguard to people of their city from various evils and helps them in their troubles. On other side Mitsuo has friends named Michiko, Sabu and Kabao. Michiko is his classmate who have crush on Perman and hates Pako as she thinks that Pako likes Perman. Moreover, Sabu and Kabao both are Mitsuo classmates who puts him in trouble with their wicked plan but they also loves Perman a lot. Last but not the least character of this show is Ganko, she is younger sister of Mitsuo who always ready to tell the truth about Mitsuo grades and mistakes to her mother. She also desires that Perman was her brother. Mitsuo is frequently put in trouble as his robot doesn’t complete his homework and he gets punish by his teacher.

Perman Photo

Perman flying with open hand


Perman Image

Perman in relax mood


Perman Picture

Perman super power kit


Perman Pic

Perman and his Super Teammates


Perman Wallpaper

Perman Monkey showing stop sign

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