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Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori – A Ninja Boy

Ninja Hattori was initially a manga series developed by famous manga artist Fujiko Fujio. Later on because of it grand success it was adapted as animated cartoon series, video game and ultimately turn into live-action film. Now this stirring and astounding animated cartoon series telecast all over the world on Nick channel.

This unique amusing ninja cartoon story focuses 10-year old young elementary schoolboy named Kenichi Mitsuba, an average boy who went to his school and put great attempts to study harder. Meanwhile a little ninja named Kanzo Hattori, his younger brother Shinzo and ninja dog Shishi-maru became friends of Kenichi and started living together with his family.

After the entry of Hattori in Kenichi’s life, his life gets somewhat settled as Hattori saves him from troubles that are caused by his ninja rival Kemumaki and his ninja cat Kagekiyo. Kenichi has a crush on young and sweet girl Yumiko-chan but every time Kemumaki tries to set up bad impression for Kenichi on her mind and spoil their friendship. And each time Hattori fails Kemumaki’s wicked plans and saves Kenichi from getting harm.

On other side, Kanzo and Shishi maru both are sweet guys who always try to help out Kenichi in his trouble but most of the time they fail and double up Kenichi’s problem. Moreover Kanzo has special power that every time when he cries he destroys each thing around him so it is better for everyone not to make him cry and be away as much as possible.

Ninja Hattori is one of the best animated ninja cartoon series showcases a small ninja boy who can ran in high-speed, sleep on ceiling without any support and quite strict as far as discipline for ninja is concerned.

Hatori and Shishi-maru Photo

Hatori and Shishi-maru lying on grass


Kenichi with Hattori, Kanzo & Shishi-maru

Kenichi, Hattori, Kanzo and Shishi-maru together


Ninja Hattori Wallpaper

Ninja Hattori cartoon character


Ninja Hattori Picture

Hattori shows his stunt


Ninja fight between Hattori and Kemumaki

Fight between Hattori and Kemumaki


Ninja Hattori Cartoon Photo

Ninja Hattori cartoon happy moments


Ninja Hattori Image

Ninja Hattori cartoon characters


Ninja Hattori Pic

Kenichi and his friend in space


Ninja Hattori Photo

Hattori the Ninja Boy

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