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Little Krishna

Little Krishna – Hindu’s Almighty Little Avatar

Little Krishna is a 3D computerized animated cartoon series showcasing India’s most loved mythological figures of kid Lord Krishna. This amazing and amusing cartoon show is produced by Big Animation Studios with helpful alliance by India Heritage Foundation promoted by ISKCON, Bangalore.

This entire series telecast on Nick channel give a picture of Lord Krishna during his childhood stage. However entire story revolves around charming & lovable kid Krishna and village called Vrindavan, a blossoming land of peace together with people living there. Each episode of Little Krishna Cartoon series describes the unusual escapades of Lord Krishna life’s and also showcases dangerous conflicts between Lord Krishna and evil King of Mathura named Kansa who was actually Lord Krishna uncle.

Moreover, this cartoon series also introduces many other characters including kid Lord Krishna – friends Radha, Sabala, Madhumangal, Vishakha, Lalita, elder brother Balram, mother Yashoda, village chief and father Nanda and at last his evil uncle Kansa. The show also includes good-humored animals who appears to friends of Krishna named Hamsi a calf who always loves to listen Krishna playing flute and naughty & playful monkey Dadiloba. As no Indian mythology get complete without including divinities such as whiny and arrogant Lord Indra, wise Lord Brahma and evils like Bakasura, Putna and five-headed serpent king called Kaliya.

Hence this show is a complete package of Indian myths showcasing fascinating scenes and individuals to attract primary audience especially preschooler viewers. Likewise this show also describes the divine nature of kid Lord Krishna which will surely helps children to cultivate good manners and habits.

Little Krishna Photo

Little Krishna Cartoon Characters


Little Krishna Image

Little Krishna and friends sitting under a tree


Little Krishna Pic

Little Krishna and his monkey friend


Little Krishna Picture

Little Krishna with cow and her calf


Little Krishna Cartoon Image

Little Krishna standing in front Brahma Dev


Little Krishna Cartoon on Nick Image

Yashoda and Nanda in Little Krishna


Little Krishna Cartoon on Nick Photo

Little Krishna playing a flute


Little Krishna Cartoon on Nick Pic

Little Krishna having curd


Little Krishna Cartoon on Nick Picture

Little Krishna is helped by Balram to get up


Little Krishna Cartoon on Nick Wallpaper

Friends of Little Krishna


Little Krishna Cartoon Photo

Little Krishna standing on a snake head


Little Krishna Cartoon Picture

Little Krishna holding a flute and standing


Little Krishna Cartoon Wallpaper

Krishna playing a flute under a tree


Lord Krishna Cartoon Picture

A calf and Krishna look at each other


Little Krishna playing Flute Photo

Little Krishna standing under a tree and playing a flute


Little Krishna Wallpaper

Little Krishna standing on a tree branch


Little Krishna Cartoon Pic

Little Krishna wearing warrior costume


Lord Krishna Cartoon Photo

Lord Krishna is about to stand up


Little Krishna with serpent King Kaliya Photo

Little Krishna balances himself on serpent King Kaliya

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