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Shin Chan

Shin Chan – Comical Series of an Amusing Kid

This is a show based on Japanese cartoon created by Yoshito Usui, a famous manga artist of Japan. This show focuses 5-year old naughty guy “Shin-Chan” that is scheduled on air every Monday-Friday at 5:30 PM in India.

This Japanese animated series revolves around amusing kid Shin Chan who has its own natural resemblance for trouble. He has extraordinary talent to turn any decent atmosphere into unlimited hilarious turn & twists and loves to watch adventure series of his favorite super hero “Action Kemen”.

Shin Chan’s Family is a middle-class family includes his father Hiroshi Nohara (Hiro), mother Misea Nohara (Misty), young sister Himawari Nohara and his white-color puffy pet dog Shiro. Hiroshi is a common working man and one of the favorite for his boss due to his son’s miraculous activities while Misty is normal house-wife who gets frustrated from looking up her two kids. Shin Chan’s Family intends to live normal & easy life by earning lots of money but it is Shin Chan’s funny nature makes it adventurous and mirthful.

In short, this entire story focuses five year-old child who makes his parents, neighbor and friends life full of troubles and solves their individual problems by his extra-ordinary and god-gifted nature.

Shin Chan Photo

Shin Chan poster


Shin Chan and Himawari in Cycle Race

Shin Chan in Cycle Race


Shin Chan and his friends at Beach

Shin Chan and his friends having fun at Beach


Shin Chan Image

Shin Chan funny dance


Shin Chan in his School

Shin Chan making fun of his classmate in school


Shin Chan in his School Playground

Shin Chan at his School Playground


Shin Chan Pic

Mitsy scolding Shin Chan


Shin Chan Picture

Shin Chan holding rose in his mouth


Shin Chan Wallpaper

Shin Chan on Skateboard


Shin Chan with his cute Aunt

Shin Chan sitting with his Aunt


Shin Chan with his Friends

Shin Chan bathing with his friends


Shin Chan with super hero Action Kemen

Shin Chan with Action Kemen Super Hero


Shin Chan’s Family in an Igloo

Shin Chan's Family inside an Igloo


Shin Chan’s Family Photo

Shin Chan's Parent acting as Spy


Shin Chan’s Family Picture

Shin Chan with his Parent and Sister

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