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Kiteretsu – Adventures of Scientific Genius Schoolboy

Kiteretsu is a scientific manga series created by Fujiko Fujio which was much famous in Kodomo no Hikari, a children magazine from April-1974 to July-1997. After the huge success of this manga series this science based story was introduced as animated series on Fuji TV. Now this amazing futuristic cartoon is being started to telecast on Indian Television channel Hungama TV.

This show looks quite similar to Doraemon cartoon series that was created by Fujiko Fujio earlier moreover it includes completely different content and story.

This exclusive show focuses scientifically genius cartoon schoolboy called Kiteretsu who has invented his own companion robot called Korosuke. He is an ultramodern kid who built a time-machine by whom he often travels in time with his friends Miyoko, Tongari & Buta Gorilla along with Korosuke.

Miyoko lives in his neighborhood. By his travel in future, he found that she is going to marry him in future. Boy named Tongari appears to be opponent of Kiteretsu who share some similar charactertics and looks with Honekawa Suneo. Buta Gorilla is the another guy of this cartoon show works at his father’s vegetables store in his free time and share similar charactertics and looks with Gian of Doraemon series.

This is an amazing cartoon show for kids that offer scientific knowledge along with some enjoyable and hilarious comedy.

Kiteretsu and Korosuke Photo

Korosuke and Kiteretsu looks at eating dish


Kiteretsu Friends Miyoko and Tongari Picture

Kiteretsu friends Tongari and Miyoko


Kiteretsu Image

Kiteretsu got scared by her mom


Kiteretsu Photo

Joyful Kiteretsu


Kiteretsu Pic

Kiteretsu cartoon show


Kiteretsu Picture

Kiteretsu get surprised on seeing Miyoko


Kiteretsu with his Time-Machine

Kiteretsu near his Time-Machine


Korosuke Photo

Korosuke looks at his gadget


Kiteretsu Friends Buta Gorilla and Tongari Photo

Buta Gorilla and Tongari angry look


Kiteretsu Wallpaper

Kiteretsu having Corn on the cob


Korosuke with Buta Gorilla’s Father

Korosuke and Buta Gorilla's Father is screaming

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