10:38 pm - Sunday May 29, 2016

Roll No 21

Roll No 21 – Hilarious Adventures of Modern Lord Krishna

Roll No 21 is a hilarious cartoon series developed by Animasia, a well-renowned Malaysian Company who has created many unbeaten cartoon series for Cartoon Network before now. The character designs as well as music of this cartoon series are fabulous and quite pleasing that is much to attract its viewers.

This show focuses a Mathura orphanage boy Krish who is the rebirth of Lord Krishna. He is a god child who is much clever, mischievous and has superlative powers that child can wish for but never achieves. He is sent from heaven to safeguard other children of orphanage as Mr. Kanishk principal of orphanage who was once an evil king of Mathura Kansa that was killed by Lord Krishna. In this series he is reborn as Mr. Kanishk in modern age and work as principal of Mathura orphanage. He acts as having big heart and love towards children in the eye of people leaves in Mathura. But on other side, he aims to trained up children of orphanage and turn them into evil to build up his wicked army by transforming them into monsters and zombies.

However, Mr. Kanishk work not seems to be easy because of Krish Lord Krishna cartoon character, an undercover SOS orphanage boy who is sent by Holy Council of Gods. The main purpose of Krish is to keep watch on wicked plans of Mr. Kanishk to save people living in Mathura from his impious plans. But as soon as Krish arrive at orphanage Mr. Kanishk comes to know that he is Lord Krishna who is sent by the God to safeguard the people of Mathura and fight begins that is actually full of amusement and entertaining.

Roll No 21 Photo

Krishna as Roll No. 21


Lord Krishna as Roll No 21 Photo

Krish with his arms open


Roll No 21 Image

Roll No 21 Cartoon Characters


Roll No 21 Pic

Scene from Roll No 21 cartoon serial


Roll No 21 Picture

Krish pulling Kanishk mouth


Roll No 21 Wallpaper

Krish flies off from monster mouth

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