3:38 pm - Thursday January 17, 2019

About Company

Funonline.in brings unlimited entertainment for people worldwide started in June 2011. Funonline has succeeded in bringing together television and bollywood viewers all across the globe. It has merged the reality and virtual world in a beautiful combination where in virtual friends are now part of an extended family with many relationships and special bonds. Funonline has started as bollywood collection with its several other sections has branched out to other sections like festivals, India information, Indian Education, Sports, India TV Guide and Wallpapers. With the new features adding in continuously and with the support of its members it is progressing with a great speed.

Funonline has opened up with its collections of various events of bollywood and television celebrities here and has made it reached to the global audience. We get the feedback from our visitors for any current news or plot for any section in the site. Funonline today is catering to a global audience having different cultures with a different kind of tastes in the entertainment and the media consumption.

Funonline has also launched Lifestyle Lounge exclusively for its viewers where viewers can visits and have an idea of various kinds of Lifestyle management, Home remedies, latest news on health. Updates on latest and upcoming gadgets around anywhere in the world for our gizmo users. Funonline is a home away from home binding people from all across the world as big family of this E-Family.

Here people can mingle, enjoy the various fields and events either it is from bollywood, Indian television, Indian festivals, India information, Wallpapers of bollywood and telly celebrities. We believe that today where everybody is in mad rat race, and no one has time to spend on extracurricular activities, we do need a medium to communicate with others. We believe to provide platform for people on their views and opinions on various topics and asking queries relating to concerned topics.