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What is Dussehra?

Dussehra is the festival that marks the triumph of Lord Rama over Demon king Ravana. On this day Ram killed Ravana. During this festival, people decorate their homes with lights and entrances with flower studded strings called Torans.

Lord Rama targeting Raavan by Arrow weapon

When is Dussehra in 2011?

Dussehra in 2011 is on Sunday, 6th of November.

When is Dussehra in 2012?

Dussehra in 2012 is on Wednesday, 24th of October.

When is Dussehra in 2013?

Dussehra in 2013 is on Monday, 14th of October.

When is Dussehra in 2014?

Dussehra in 2014 is on Saturday, 4th of October.

When is Dussehra in 2015?

Dussehra in 2015 is on Thursday, 22nd of October.

When is Dussehra in 2016?

Dussehra in 2016 is on Tuesday, 11th of October.

When is Dussehra in 2017?

Dussehra in 2017 is on Saturday, 30th of September.

When is Dussehra in 2018?

Dussehra in 2018 is on Friday, 19th of October.

When is Dussehra in 2019?

Dussehra in 2019 is on Tuesday, 8th of October.

When is Dussehra in 2020?

Dussehra in 2020 is on Sunday, 25th of October.

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