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Fitness Training Dos and Don’ts – Right Way to Exercise

It’s obvious that if you feel muscular pain, pulling of muscles or any other twist in the body if don’t go for proper fitness training. To get the maximum out of your exercise training you have to follow some basics which are the correct ways to exercise like safety and gradually increase of training session.

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Here we discuss the dos and don’ts of fitness training which will guide you on how to exercise well and what to avoid during workouts.


1. Get Check-Up before starting

Before starting your exercise training program, it is highly recommended to have check-up before you start. Take an advice from your doctor a precaution which you may need to take in order to maintain your health and prevent any injury.

2. Fitness Advice from Professionals

At the beginning of your exercise training take advice from professionals or certified trainers. Spent more time on getting advice because the wrong training route always lead to illness, injury and sometimes discontinuing of exercise in short-run. An exercise professional who can assess all parameters of your fitness can suggest you the better way of doing it. You will then have more focus on your exercise and will progress towards your achievement of improving body posture at faster rate.

3. Exercise Gradually

Once you start, you want to see results and quickly too. It is extremely important that you don’t try to do too much of exercise too soon. Gradually increase the sessions of exercise or time period of it. Body needs time to adapt to new demands which you are trying to placing upon it. Look to the advance in huge leaps and the smaller improvements over longer period.

4. Fitness should be fun

Keeping the target in mind like losing weight, toning up or getting into specific posture should be your focus. But, along with fulfillment of your target it is important to retain the fun element of your training. There are many ways to exercise but if you can make your workout session enjoyable as well as target orientated, that you will get more out of your training program and progress faster.


1. Forget to warm up and cool down

There are ways to exercise start-up and ending, if you follow the correct way then there will be no chance of falling ill because of any over workout. Does warm-up as it prepares you body for exercise and cool-down returns it safely to its pre-exercise state. Both are key parts of training session and requires only 5 to 10 minutes each respectively.

2. Focus on single form of training

For a balanced exercise program, your fitness training should include a combination of flexibility, resistance, coordination and cardiovascular exercises. If you keep your program balanced you will build all-round strength, helps you to progress faster in achieving your target. If you train correctly you will surely reap the benefits from your training in every step of life.

3. Neglect Rest

Taking rest is the most important part of any workout training, because it is only when your body is at rest that it can adapt to the stress of training and rebuild itself feature. Have a one day for rest each week so that your mind and body will be re-invigorated for subsequent training sessions.

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