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Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a medical condition today which is leading in the list of health problems. Many common reasons of it, almost every second person knows, are too much stress, obesity, diabetes, high intake of salt, etc. Possibility of cardiovascular diseases such as heart strokes, heart failure, kidney disorders, etc. increases with high blood pressure. Irony is, that after knowing major reasons we still do not take precautions or any remedies for blood pressure problems.

Nutrition for Lower Blood Pressure

Here we discuss list of foods to lower blood pressure which will also keeps you healthy and fresh. These foods just not only helps in lowering blood pressure but regular intake of them or including in daily routine diet also keeps entire body healthy and free from many other health related problems.

Skimmed Milk

Part of daily consumption in breakfast, skimmed milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Both nutrients teams up to lower down blood pressure.


Kidney, lima, pinto and black beans are some types included as lower blood pressure foods in your daily routine diet. As beans contains potassium and magnesium and are therefore the home remedies for blood pressure.


The kiwifruit is also being known as to battle hypertension. Due to its contents of high potassium and vitamin C, it is one of the foods to lower blood pressure. Also being rich in lutein an antioxidant which helps fight the blood pressure it is prescribed as must in your weekly diet.


One of the best remedies for blood pressure, banana a day keeps the blood pressure away. Bananas are said to be rich in potassium an important nutrient to lower down high blood pressure.


Maybe the best to be renowned amongst the lower blood pressure foods, broccoli oozes with potassium, also has chromium to fight against cardiovascular diseases and controlling blood sugar and insulin levels.


Celery contains phthalide helps the muscles of the vessels to rest and aids in smooth flow of blood, has a very calming effect and is one of the recommended foods to lower blood pressure and stress.


Spinach can be renowned as multiple nutrients container. It contains magnesium, iron, folate, vitamin C and is also very healthy for your body. Even if you dislike it still include it in your diet because of its quality of rich in nutrients. It helps in keeping blood pressure normal.


Contains an antioxidant lycopene, helps to lower down the high blood pressure. Also rich in calcium, potassium, vitamins A, C and E, all required nutrients to fight blood pressure problem.


Garlic can do wonders because of its several features which can help preventing thickening and clotting of blood vessels, and cure any damage caused due to high blood pressure.

Besides these foods, olive oil, sunflower seeds, papaya, avocadoes, dark chocolates, various vegetables and fruit juices are lower blood pressure foods, helps in bringing the problem to normal stage. Apart from the foods mentioned above, take it as a granted prescription for all those people who are suffering from blood pressure problem, to eat vegetables and fruits rich in calcium and potassium, intake of salt should be minimized and avoid eating fried foods.

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