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Foods for Healthy and Strong Bones

A healthy and strong set of skeletal frame is critical not only to provide structure and nice posture but also to protect internal organs, maintain good balance and strength. The major nutrients require for developing healthy and strong bones are calcium and phosphorus. Other requirements include vitamins, proteins and minerals to keep bones healthy. The process of mounting healthy bones begins at birth, although, it is very important to maintain the strong healthy bones throughout the life, more important after 30 years of age.

Nutrition for Healthy and Strong Bones

One can go for the options to include in daily diet some foods rich in calcium to cover any deficiency of calcium in the body to keep the bones healthy. Here we discuss the high calcium levels foods to keep boosting bone density at any age of life.


No doubt, milk is the best source of calcium required to keep the bones healthy. Low fat or fat-free milk is the best choice as it has high calcium level without the added fat and so it makes easy absorption of calcium by the body. Milk is just not one of the foods rich in calcium, but it is also rich in nutrients like magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin D, A and B12 which are equally important to calcium for healthy bones.

Dairy Products

Dairy products like cheese and yogurt are preferred as source of calcium due to their high calcium levels. Yogurt contains lactoferrin an iron-binding protein which accelerates the growth of the cells that build bones.

Nuts and Seeds

Besides being rich in calcium, walnuts, flaxseeds, almonds, etc. are also good source of minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. Peanuts contain potassium which restricts loss of calcium in urine.

Orange Juice

Amongst the foods rich in calcium, fruits don’t lag behind being the rich source of calcium too. Oranges are equipped with essential calcium, vitamins and minerals. They are must have for healthy bone growth. Oranges can be included in daily diet when one cannot obtain calcium from any dairy products. All the fruits have its own advantages but when it comes to keep bones healthy do add orange in your list of weekly diet.

Green Vegetables

Green veggies having high calcium levels can easily be adjusted in your daily routine diet. Brocolli and spinach are the rich sources of calcium and vitamin D, spinach is helpful for absorption of calcium and phosphorous. Collards and turnip greens can also provides you a daily dose of calcium. The vegetables provide strength to your bones promoting bone growth and prevent any loss of calcium from the body.

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