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Transformers Animated

Transformers Animated – Mega Robots Ultimate Battle

Transformers Animated is a world’s most well-renowned cartoon series aired on Cartoon Network Channel. This famous cartoon series is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and highly animated by Japanese animation studios.

The entire series of Transformers Animated is about great battle of five robotic Superhero Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Prowl, Ratchet and Bulkhead against their robotic evil enemies Decepticons. However, Optimus Prime appears to be leader of Autobots team and his alternate mode look to view normal between the common people is red color semi-trailer truck. Bumblebee is hot headed young racing Autobot who like to play video games. His alternate mode is yellow color Supermini police car. Prowl is very self-contained guy and often makes decision by its own without discussing with his commander. His alternate mode is police motorcycle. Rachet is a seasoned warrior enhanced with powerful magnets which can attract and repel metallic material stuffs. His alternate mode is Autobot ambulance. Bulkhead is the strongest and toughest among Autobots team however, he is not so smart and intelligent. His alternate mode is Swat truck.

These Autobots team members appear as Superhero team for futuristic Detroit city by saving it from evil intruder Decepticons (Megatron, Blackarachnia, Blitzwing, Lockdown and Lugnut) and human super-villains that endeavor to harm human citizen. On other side, ultramodern Detroit city is renowned as Robot city instead of Motor city because of non-alien robotic invention by Dr. Isaac Sumdac. However, Sari Sumdac an 8-year old girl saved by Autobots when they were landing on Earth surface appears to main human protagonist of this series.

Transformers Animated Photo

Transformers Animated Cartoon Robots


Transformers Animated Image

Optimus Prime in Transformers Animated


Transformers Animated Pic

Autobots team in Transformers Animated


Transformers Animated Picture

Five robotic superheroes of Transformers Animated


Transformers Animated Wallpaper

Robots and their vehicle transformation


Transformers Animated Cartoon Image

Optimus Prime running hard


Transformers Animated Cartoon Photo

Autobots faces Decepticons in Transformers


Transformers Animated Cartoon Pic

Two Mega Autobots Robots


Transformers Animated Cartoon Picture

Evil Deceptiocons Robot


Blackarachnia Transformers Animated Photo

Blackarachnia Robot in Transformers Animated


Blitzwing Transformers Animated Photo

Blitzwing Robot in Transformers Animated


Bulkhead Transformers Animated Photo

Bulkhead robot is standing


Bumblebee Transformers Animated Photo

Bumblebee in a fighting action


Lockdown Transformers Animated Photo

Lockdown shows a hook of his hand


Lugnut Transformers Animated Photo

Lugnut is standing still


Megatron Transformers Animated Photo

Megatron is holding a gun


Optimus Prime Transformers Animated Photo

Optimus Prime robot holding an axe


Prowl Transformers Animated Photo

Prowl robot showing his skill


Rachet Transformers Animated Photo

Rachet is standing with his hand on his waist


Starscream Transformers Animated Photo

Starscream robot is thinking something

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