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Keymon Ache

Keymon Ache – Funny Adventures of Rohan Tendulkar

Keymon Ache is a funniest and craziest cartoon series aired on Nick channel India. This amusing animated series is one of the famous as well as hilarious cartoon shows like Shin Chan, Chhota Bheem and Perman, etc that was specially created for preschooler viewers.

However, this cartoon series looks like Doraemon series though its storyline is completely a different one. It is an exclusive mixture of joy, gambol and mischief that one has ever seen in any animated series before.

The entire story of Keymon Ache series revolves around a boy named Rohan Tendulkar who belongs to middle-class Indian family. He is bright-eyed guy who is average schoolboy and often tease by his school-companion named Sid. During the entire series Rohan appears to be quite dull and afraid by his mom but still manages to irritate her by displacing the stuffs around his room and by avoiding his homework. In many case the character of Rohan seems to be same as Nobita from Doraemon series.

However, the main protagonist of this cartoon series is a magical creature who looks like a monkey called Keymon. He is naughtiest and craziest character of this cartoon series and often like to DJing on mini DJ console in Rohan’s room and even sometimes he sings songs depending in which situation he is. He helps Rohan Tendulkar to solve his troubles by his magical powers. He appears to be good luck charm for Rohan Tendulkar. Nevertheless, Keymon appears to be same as Doraemon of Doraemon series that similarly helps Nobita Nobi to solve his problems.

Keymon Ache Cartoon Photo

Keymon at the sea shore


Keymon Ache Pic

A monkey is standing


Keymon Ache Photo

Rohan and Keymon in a dancing pose


Keymon Ache Picture

Keymon Ache Cartoon Characters


Keymon Ache Wallpaper

Funny action of Keymon


Keymon Ache Image

Collection of few cartoon scene of Keymon Ache

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