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Jimmy Neutron

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius or simply Jimmy Neutron is a very famous animated television series. It was the first computer-animated Nicktoon and nominated for Academy Award for best computer-animated movie called Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

The series revolves around 11-year old American boy named Jimmy Neutron. Jimmy Neutron a guy with striking IQ and completely devoted for his love towards science appears to be main protagonist of this cartoon series. Throughout the series Jimmy invents gadgets and other superlative materialistic stuffs benefits his fictional city Retroville but every time fails & causes harm and get into big troubles. However, most of the time throughout series he acts as lifesaver for the Retroville people from his own invented innovative machineries. He has two best buddies named Carl and Sheen. His middle name is Isaac Newton named after famous physicist. Moreover, right through entire series he is dressed up with blue Jeans and gray colored Converse sneakers.

On other side, Carl and Sheen also offers their helping hand to Jimmy to solve his problems related to his inventions but instead of it they always doubles up his trouble. Nevertheless, this show also showcases other characters named Cindy, Libby, Nick Dean, Juddy Neutron and Hugh Neutron that adds extra comical taste.

Though things not gets over yet, as this exclusive cartoon series also features a robotic dog named Goddard. He is most trusty and beloved friend of Jimmy Neutron. Jimmy himself has invented Goddard for having intelligent companion which listens all his orders and also advice him in some of his scientific experiments. Goddard can transform himself into useful tools, vehicles and other useful stuffs during Jimmy’s extraordinary escapades. One of the Goddard’s special moves is playing dead during which he explodes himself and after some time he again resembles himself into original body-structure.

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Pic

Jimmy Neutron and his friends on run


The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Image

Jimmy Neutron and his robotic dog


The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Photo

Jimmy Neutron Cartoon poster


The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Picture

Jimmy Neutron playing with Goddard


The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Wallpaper

Jimmy Neutron flying a plane with his friends


Jimmy Neutron Cartoon Image

Jimmy Neutron holding a girl hand


Jimmy Neutron Cartoon Photo

Jimmy Neutron with a gadget in his hand


Jimmy Neutron Cartoon Pic

Jimmy showing his tongue to his friend


Jimmy Neutron Cartoon Picture

Jimmy Neutron waving his hand


Jimmy Neutron Cartoon Wallpaper

Jimmy's school teacher sitting on his table


Jimmy Neutron Image

Jimmy with his friend having a great time


Jimmy Neutron on Nick Image

Jimmy and his friend discussing something


Jimmy Neutron on Nick Photo

Jimmy Neutron along with his parents


Jimmy Neutron on Nick Pic

Jimmy Neutron with a robotic gadget


Jimmy Neutron on Nick Picture

Jimmy Neutron reading a paper


Jimmy Neutron on Nick Wallpaper

Jimmy Neutron checking his gadget


Jimmy Neutron Photo

Jimmy standing showing his innovative gadget


Jimmy Neutron Pic

Jimmy in joyful mood


Jimmy Neutron Picture

Jimmy Neutron and his friends talking with lady


Sheen from Jimmy Neutron Photo

Sheen holding a flag and standing


Carl from Jimmy Neutron Photo

Carl trying to explain something


Carl from Jimmy Neutron Picture

Carl trying to adjust his specks


Libby from Jimmy Neutron Photo

Libby is standing with her hand on waist


Jimmy Neutron Wallpaper

Goddard and Jimmy Neutron together


Cindy from Jimmy Neutron Photo

Cindy standing with folded hand

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