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Elephanta Caves: Collection of Various Shrines

Elephanta Caves at Gharapuri Island

Elephanta Caves are located in Mumbai Harbor, 10km to the easy of the city Mumbai, in state of Maharashtra, India. It is an island located in Arabian Sea, which consists of two groups, first is large group of five Hindu caves, and second is smaller group of two Buddhist caves. The caves are a network of sculpted caves.

The Portuguese called the island an Elephanta by looking at huge gigantic statue of an Elephant head at the entrance. Statue is now inside the Price of Wales Museum which is in Mumbai. Portuguese hoisted their flag there towards off pirates after they have constructed a fort there. They have used this fort and sculptures inside it for training and target practice and thus have damaged many of sculptures.

These caves are collection of shrines, inner cells, courtyards, grand halls and porticos arranged in the splendid symmetry of Indian rocks architecture. Cleave out of solid rocks the caves attract more foreign tourists every year than the population of entire city in Mumbai. Elephanta Caves are the great tourist attraction spot for Mumbai. It is 10km away from Gateway of India. Many overseas and domestic visitors have visited the caves. The timing of island is 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. and is closed on Monday. It takes an hour by boat from Gateway of India to reach Elephanta Caves. The island of Elephanta Caves has been commercial, military and religions centre for centuries. The sculptures were created beginning in the period of Gupta Empire, also it is assumed to be done after that period.

Elephanta Caves Entrance

View of Elephanta Caves Entrance


Elephanta Caves Image

Inner view of Elephanta Caves


Inside Elephanta Caves

Different Idol Constructed on wall of Elephanta Caves


Elephanta Trimurti Sculpture

Old artisan constructed Elephanta Trimurti Sculpture


Elephanta Caves Wallpaper

Elephanta Caves supported on pillar

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