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Chittorgarh Fort

Fort of Chittorgarh: India’s Largest Fort

Chittorgarh Fort located near Chittorgarh town, Rajasthan, India. It is the largest fort in India and the oldest in the state of Rajasthan. The fort was known as Chittor, which was the capital of Mewar and is situated many kilometers by road south of Bhilwara. It is 112km away from Udaipur and 182km from Ajmer.

Chittorgarh Fort is not the biggest fort in India, but considered to be the biggest in Asia as well. It was constructed by Mauryans in seventh century. It is supposed that main construction was built by Bhima of Pancha Pandavas.

Chittorgarh Fort standing on 180 meters hill covers 700 acres of land area. It is also called water fort because fort has 84 water bodies. Chittor where the fort is located is a well to do city and has every facility for the better hospitalization of tourist visiting. Many other tourist places are nearby from Chittor which are worth visiting.

Chittorgarh Fort Wallpaper

Larger view of Chittorgarh Fort


Chittorgarh Fort: Largest fort in India

One side view of water in Chittorgarh Fort


Chittorgarh Fort known as Water Fort

Water bodies inside Chittorgarh Fort

Town View from Chittorgarh Fort

View of town below from Chittorgarh Fort


Chittorgarh Fort inside View

An inside view of Chittorgarh Fort

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