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Amber Fort

Amber Fort – A historical place near Jaipur

Amber Fort is located in Amber, 11km from Jaipur, Rajasthan State in India. It is one of the major attractive tourist spot nearby Jaipur area which is located high on a hill. The name is derived from many luxurious palaces in the inner areas of the Amber Fort decorated with many gemstones and jewels. It was the seat of power of Kachhawaha clan of Amber. The construction of fort began in year 1592 by Raja Man Singh I but he could not finished the construction which after handed over to Jai Singh I for completion.

The Amber Fort is built with white marble and red sandstone. Maota Lake in the foreground adds more beauty to the fort and makes it a remarkable sight. The artistic beauty of this fort can be seen within it walls on a four level plan, each with a courtyard. The exterior part of the fort has rocky and impressive looks, while the interior is quiet, warm and a comfort.

The Amber town, which is an important and predictable entry point to the Amber Palace, is now a heritage town whose economy depends upon the large number of tourist visits. Annual tourist visit to the Amber Palace is approximately 5000 visitors per day and 1.4 million visitors were reported later in 2007.

Amber Fort: An Attractive Tourist Spot

Staircase leading to the entrance of Amber Fort


Amber Fort Wallpaper

Entrance view of Amber Fort


Amber Fort Inside View

Inside Amber Fort


Amber Fort Interior

Amber Fort Interior design construction


Hall of Amber Fort

Hall of Amber Fort Palace

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