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Beyblade:– An Ultimate Quest to become Great Beyblader

Beyblade is a famous Japanese manga series created and illustrated by well-known Japanese manga artist Takao Aoki. This amusing as well as exhilarating cartoon series features group of kids who form their own teams with that they battle each other by using extraordinary spinning tops enhanced with powerful Bit-Beast called Beyblades.

The story of this stunning cartoon series revolves around strong-willed young boy named Tyson Granger who enters into Japanese Regional Beyblade Qualifying Tournament with his Bit-Beast, Dragoon. After defeating Ray Kon (Bit-Beast Driger) and Kai Hiwatari (Bit-Beast Dranzer), Tyson organized team with Ray and Kai along with Max Tate with the named Bladebreakers. Now these Bladebreakers travels China for registering their names for championships, at the same time as meet head-on to White Tigers, Ray’s ex-team. Though, Ray’s old team holds a feeling of resentment against him for leaving their team but at the end Ray and his ex-teammates make amends and Bladebreakers encounters the tournament.

After this Bladebreakers voyage travels to USA to defeat all Starz a special beyblade fighting team who are coached by Max’s mother. Once winning American League Bladebreakers found them high and dry in Europe so as to register their names for Russian World Championship but for that they have to defeat Europe’s top beyblading team called Majestic. Meanwhile, they come across the evil team called Demolition Boys and Russian Champions who were renowned for their ruthless behavior and highly fanatical for power. But soon, Bladebreakers found that Demolition Boys are just mere tools that were working for BIOVOLT Corporation which handled by Kai’s grandfather, Voltaire, and Boris, an outrageous mastermind.

In the beginning, Kai was convinced by Boris to join Demolition Boys in ultimate hunt for superlative power, the Black Dranzer Bit-Beast for which Kai was in search for to become powerful Beyblader. Nevertheless, he realizes his fault and rejoins Beybladers team however in the final he and bit-beast Dranzer loses against Spencer and his bit-beast Seaborg. Ray hardly manages to defeat Bryan and at the end shifted to hospital because of injuries occurred to him from the match. Ultimately, Tyson manages to encounter Demolition Boy’s leader, Tala whose body is modified by Boris to win match and at the end win the BBA world champion title.

Beyblade Cartoon Photo

Beyblade Cartoon Characters


Beyblade Cartoon Pic

Beyblade Cartoon Scene


Beyblade Cartoon Picture

Kai, Tyson and Ray


Beyblade Cartoon Wallpaper

Kai with former team members


Beyblade Image

Beyblade - Metal Masters Cartoon


Beyblade Photo

Beyblade G-Revolution Cartoon


Beyblade Wallpaper

Blade Breakers - Tyson and His friends


Beyblades Photo

Various Colors and designed Beyblades


Beyblades Picture

Beyblades Toys


Kai from Beyblade Image

Kai and his firey beyblade in action


Kai from Beyblade Photo

Cute Kid Kai in Beyblade


Ray from Beyblade Pic

Ray with his icon style in Beyblade


Ray from Beyblade Picture

Ray holding Beyblade


Tyson and his Friends from Beyblade Photo

Tyson along with his Friends


Tyson from Beyblade Image

Tyson granger beyblade


Tyson from Beyblade Pic

Tyson spinning beyblade


Tyson from Beyblade Picture

Angry Beyblader Tyson with his beyblade


Beyblade Bit-Beast Photo

Bit-Beast in Beyblade Cartoon


Kai from Beyblade Cartoon Photo

Kai Hiwatari in Beyblade


Kai from Beyblade Pic

Kai ready to spin up his Beyblade


Kai from Beyblade Picture

Firey Beyblader Kai Hiwatari

Ray from Beyblade Cartoon Photo

Smiling Ray kon in Beyblade Cartoon


Ray from Beyblade Cartoon Pic

Ray is growling


Ray from Beyblade Wallpaper

Ray in action Beyblade Cartoon


Tyson from Beyblade Cartoon Image

Tyson pointing his finger


Tyson from Beyblade Cartoon Picture

Tyson with Bit-Beast Dragoon


Tyson from Beyblade Cartoon Wallpaper

Tyson showing his Beyblade


Beyblade Cartoon Image

Beyblade Cartoon Chart


Beyblade Picture

Beyblade all bit beasts


Kai from Beyblade Cartoon Image

Kai wearing a purple dress


Kai from Beyblade Cartoon Pic

Kai in Beyblade Cartoon


Kai from Beyblade Cartoon Picture

Kai is standing


Kai from Beyblade Cartoon Wallpaper

Kai from Beyblade Cartoon Wallpaper


Tyson from Beyblade Cartoon Photo

Tyson in an Exciting mood


Tyson from Beyblade Cartoon Pic

Tyson showing his punch


Tyson from Beyblade Photo

Tyson in an action scene


Tyson from Beyblade Wallpaper

Tyson look in Beyblade Cartoon

Ray from Beyblade Cartoon Picture

Ray in a scene from Beyblade

Ray from Beyblade Image

Ray Kon in Beyblade


Ray from Beyblade Photo

Ray lending his hand forward

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