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Krishna and Balram

Krishna and Balram – Courageous story of two Brothers

Krishna and Balram is a very famous animated cartoon series based on Indian mythological Lord named Krishna and his extremely powerful elder brother called Balram.

Lord Krishna is one of the highly loved and praised Gods by every Hindu people living throughout the world. This Indian cartoon series focuses kid Krishna and Balram during their childhood days. Krishna was born to Vasudev and Deviki who live in Mathura and grown up by Nandlal and Yashoda who live in beautiful and graceful environment of small villages called Vrindavan and Gokul. On other side, Balram appears to be Nandlal and Yashoda child who was initially named as Rama but because of his extra-ordinary strength he was named as Balaram where word “Bal” stands for strength.

Moreover this series also showcases many other leading characters such as Madho, Udho, Kamla, Amala and Manya but the most important character of this show is Radha. Radha appears to be most beautiful and charming Gopi throughout the Vrindavan and is closest girlfriend of Lord Krishna.

The entire series Krishna and Balram revolves around brave activities of these two brothers who fight together against wicked creatures and schemes of their evil uncle and king of Mathura called Kansa.

Krishna and Balram Image

Krishna and Balram looks at the flying eagle


Krishna and Balram on Cartoon Network

Krishna and Balram holding their sword


Krishna and Balram Photo

Krishna and Balram laughing at monster


Krishna and Balram Pic

Krishna dancing while girls bath in river


Krishna and Balram Picture

Krishna and Balram facing dragons


Krishna and Balram Wallpaper

Krishna sharing curd with monkeys


Krishna with Radha Image

Krishna with Radha in happy moment

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