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Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z – Universe’s Greatest Battle

Dragon Ball Z or simply DBZ is a long-running cartoon series adapted from Japanese most famous and highly sale manga series named Dragon Ball. This unique and extravagant manga series was created and well-illustrated by well-renowned manga as well as game artist, Akira Toriyama. Actually, this manga series is an inspired version of popular Chinese novel called Journey to the West.

The entire Dragon Ball Z cartoon series revolves around a cute kid Son Goku who is enhanced by some extraordinary power and strength. This series showcases the entire life-journey of Son Goku showcasing each and every immense events that take place from his childhood period to the time when he become adult.

During earlier days of Son Goku, he meets a beautiful teenage girl named Bulma. Because of his high strength and unique look as he appears to be a young monkey-tailed boy, Bulma soon become best-friend of Goku. They together go for the search of magical seven Dragon Balls. However, Goku goes under-training for regimes and educational technique under the supervision of material artist Master Roshi. For the duration of training he meets another guy named Krillin who first appears to Goku’s rival but soon they become best friends. On other side, he also meets varieties of villains such as Namekian Piccolo Daimo, red Ribbon Army, etc out which several rivals eventually become close friends or allies of Goku such as Yamacha, Tien Shinhan, Yajirobe and powerful Piccolo Jr.

Now Goku become a young Teenager and meets his older brother Raditz, who make him know that they belongs to extraterrestrial race called “Saiyans”. He also informs him that he was sent to Earth as a tot to overcome the planet for them but meanwhile he suffers from head injury because of which he lost his memory blood-thirsty Saiyan nature. However, Goku refuses Raditz proposal and begins to come upon outer-space galactic enemies, most probably Saiyan Prince Vegeta who appears tobe Goku rival but eventually they become friends. In the intervening time, Goku meets galactic emperor called Frieza a guy who is responsible for the destruction of almost entire Saiyan race. It was Goku battle against Frieza during which Goku transforms himself into legendary Super Saiyan and finally defeat Frieza on planet called Namek.

But Goku journey does not stop yet, soon a group of android team from Red Ribbon Army comes into view in order to take payback against Goku. Meanwhile another evil life-form named Cell appears. After, absorbing two androids in order to increase his power he set up his own fighting tournament named as Cell Games. Though, he was eventually assassinated by Goku’s son called Gohan. Soon after seven years, Goku was once again has to jump into battle field against magical monster called Majin Buu to safeguard universe from his evil rule and by following many fights Goku ultimately assassinates Buu. Ten years during World Martial Arts Tournaments, Goku meets another guy named Uub who was actually Buu’s reincarnation and by leaving the fight between Goku takes Uub with him to a new journey of training to become Earth’s next protector.

Dragon Ball Z Picture

Goku in different forms


Dragon Ball Z Pic

Dragon Ball Z characters


Dragon Ball Z Photo

Dragon Ball Z cartoon characters


Dragon Ball Z Image

Angel Goku


Dragon Ball Z Villains Photo

Main Villains in Dragon Ball Z


Dragon Ball Z Wallpaper

Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Forms


Brolly Super Saiyan Photo

Oozaru and Broly picture


Dragon Ball Cartoon Image

Goku Super Saiyan Face


Dragon Ball Cartoon Photo

Goku super saiyan golden hairs


Dragon Ball Cartoon Pic

Gohans SS2 of Dragon Ball Z


Dragon Ball Cartoon Picture

Goku in Dragon Ball Z cartoon


Dragon Ball Cartoon Wallpaper

Dragon Ball Z Goku SS2


Dragon Ball Image

Dragon Ball Z characters in action


Dragon Ball Photo

Dragon Ball Z Super Power Team


Dragon Ball Pic

Goku transformation shows his punch


Dragon Ball Picture

Son Goku in different style of action


Dragon Ball Wallpaper

Dragonball z goku and vegeta


Dragon Ball Z Cartoon Image

Goku ssj3 vs majin boo


Dragon Ball Z Cartoon Photo

SSJ goku seems angry


Dragon Ball Z Cartoon Pic

Mighty dragon grabbed Omega Sheron


Dragon Ball Z Cartoon Picture

Gohan in Dragon Ball Z


Dragon Ball Z Cartoon Wallpaper

Dragon ball z goku shows his fist


Evil Buu Dragon Ball Z Photo

Evil Buu in Dragon Ball Z


Evil Frieza Photo

Evil Frieza shows his magical power


Evil Omega Sheron Photo

Evil Omega Sheron in Dragon Ball Z


Gogeta and Vegetto Photo

Gogeta and Vegetto side by side


Gogeta Photo

Gogeta looks focused


Kid Goten and Trunks Photo

Kid Trunks and Goten in action


Kid Goten and Trunks Picture

Kid Goten and Trunks Spirit Bomb Attack


Kid Trunks Photo

Kid Trunks SSJ Angry


Piccolo Dragon Ball Z Photo

Piccolo warrior from Namek planet


Red Ribbon Army Dragon Ball Z Photo

Red Ribbon Army in Dragon Ball Z


Super Gohan and Trunks Photo

Super Gohan and Trunks stand side by side


Super Saiyan Gohan and Goku Photo

Super Saiyan Gohan and Goku is angry


Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza Fight Photo

Super Saiyan Goku punches Frieza

Trunks Super Saiyan Photo

Trunks Super Saiyan generating his power


Trunks Super Saiyan Pic

Trunks Super Saiyan looks angry


Trunks Super Saiyan Picture

Trunks Super Saiyan about to take his sword out


Uub Dragon Ball Z Photo

Uub in Dragon Ball Z


Perfect Cell Dragon Ball Z Picture

Cell is standing with folded hand

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