9:47 am - Monday December 17, 2018

Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers – A Travel through World’s Deadliest Roads

Ice Road Truckers is a documentary series based on one of the deadliest roads around the Himalayan region. The show is hosted by the three well-known American truck drivers Lisa Kelly, Rick Yemm and Alex Debogorski. They navigate the highways of India and showcase some of the deadliest roads of planet to test their combined experience of more than 40 years. They forced themselves to the worst road and driving conditions which they have never encountered before. They step down from the crowded city streets to narrow as well as congested roads around Himalaya Mountains. They get on to the thrilling, killing and horrifying adventure of mountainsides driving at Himalaya. It shows that how these drivers cover out the two main routes NH21 and NH22 to showcase their difficulties and danger to audience.

On other side, these IRT deadliest Roads are cut-out form of mountain that allows passing of single vehicle at a time. The drivers have to be aware of the 1,000 foot mountain cliff where they are driving and on other side they also need to look out rock-ceiling just above their truck. On these highways the roads can move anytime away from the wheels of truck. The actual trouble for drivers is to cross Rohtang pass where there are dodging landslides, rain or heavy snowfall. From all day traffic jams and weeks long road closures and getting somewhere with safety is too much to ask on these highway.

Bus on edge of mountain cliff

Bus moving towards curved turn


Deadly turns on Himalaya Mountain

Vehicles moving on Himalaya Mountain road


Lisa near Rohtang Pass

Lisa stands before her truck near Rohtang Pass


Rohtang pass traffic

Long queue before Rohtang pass


Truck through snowy road

Truck moving through snowy road

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