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Most Expensive iPhone Cases

World’s Most Costly iPhone Cases

In this modern period people are turning on to purchase luxurious and expensive iPhone rather having cell phones with same technology and limited feature. Then if we are spending so much of money to purchase this highly price devices then why should we not spend some money to protect our precious iPhone? These most costly iPhone cases are made from Tuscan leather, Alligator and Ostrich skin, Carbon fiber and even some of them were embellished by gold and diamonds. The prices of these imperial cases range up to $180 to over $100,000.

Golden Delicious iPhone Case

This world most expensive and extravagant iPhone case devoted twelve months of long period for its development whose price tag is $1 million and above. This overgenerous case features 140 grams of 18k gold 1mm subshell well-decorated by two hundred diamonds and a carbon fiber. The outer frame of this regal iPhone case where logo of the iPhone appears is customized with 400 diamonds. The price of this expensive iPhone case is widely based on the material used in its production.

Golden Delicious iPhone Case Pic

iPhone Golden Case


Diamond iPhone Case

If you are thinking to buy up a case for your luxurious iPhone which worth almost fifty times then iPhone then this case is ideal one for you. This case features like 42 VVS1diamonds which total to the 3.5 carats of diamond. This beautiful case which worth $5,714 per carat is the only case can sparkle up your dollars.

Diamond iPhone Case Photo

Diamond iPhone Cover


Louis Vuitton iPhone Cases

The maker of most expensive iPhone cases Louis Vuitton introduces four new flavors and designs in the variety of iPhone cases. The prices of these cases range from $225 for Monogram Canvas to $1120 for Alligator Skin cases. This company provides cases made up of Monogram Canvas, Epi Leather, Taiga leather and Alligator Skin. This kind of extra generous quality of cases increases the status of our iPhone.

Louis Vuitton iPhone Cases Picture

Louis Vuitton iPhone Covers


Softbank BB Samurai iPhone cases

Softbank BB introduces five traditional Japanese lacquerware cases for iPhone with an artistic petition of samurai design. These cases are available in the market with a price tag of $1,000 with different cloth pouch and design. These samurai cases are made up in the memory of Japan’s five famous samurai. These cases were well-created with helpful alliance of 350-year-old lacquerware company Zohiko.

Softbank BB Samurai iPhone Cases Photo

Softbank BB Samurai Most Expensive iPhone Cases


iWood+Ryou iPhone case

The original Miniot’s iWood case has been upgraded with a useful collaboration of two company Urushi lacquerer Seiichiro Fujino and Ryou Co., Ltd. This Miniots is artistically well-dressed by Chinese raw lacquer, pigment, clear lacquer and silver foil to convert posh iWood casts to a true works of arts.

iWood+Ryou iPhone Case Picture

iWood+Ryou Most Expensive iPhone Case


GlitterRing iPhone Cover

This eye-catching iPhone cover is available in one and two-piece along with variety of design. The price of these iPhone cases ranges from $379-$399 depending on its design. Puffy Pink and Golden Swirl are the gorgeous designs of this iPhone cover with thousands of genuine Swarovski crystals which can slather up yours most costly iPhone 3G and 3GS. This GlitterRing’s premium cases are a repair kit with extra crystals for any damage to the case in future.

GlitterRing iPhone Cover Picture

GlitterRing Most Costly iPhone Case


Orbino Strada iPhone Case

Orbino Strada is a unique iPhone case made up of finest Italian leather with patented belt clip or pedestal. This iPhone cover whose prices range from $99 to $319 is also made up of palladium metal with a removable clip so you can watch videos at your desktop. Orbino Strada also includes a connector access and an iPhone screen protector. This extravagant iPhone case having hand stitched which makes its splendor twice as good.

Orbino Strada iPhone Case Image

Italian leather Orbino Strada iPhone Case


Swarovski Wildcat iPhone Case

This is the overgenerous and one of the most expensive iPhone cases which is entirely unique due to artistic arrangement of Swarovski crystals in a leopard-spot pattern. These crystals are easily snapped on case which increases its delight and protection aesthetically. This Wildcat design iPhone case is available in market with price tag of $299.99.

Swarovski Wildcat iPhone Case Wallpaper

Swarovski Wildcat Most Costly iPhone Case


SGP Ott-Paint Ultra Thin Limited Edition Gariz Case

This unique iPhone Case is created by the combined collaboration of United SGP Corporation and Gariz Design. This iPhone case is gracefully painted by Ott, a special chemical coat which is not only fire-resistant but also mothproof, antiseptic, waterproof and antibacterial. This case includes protectors for both screen and Apple logo along with leather sleeve. This is a limited edition iPhone case so it’s 50 premium pieces is being produced with a price tag of $249.99.

SGP Ott-Paint Ultra Thin Limited Edition Gariz Case Photo

SGP Ott-Paint Ultra Thin Limited Edition iPhone Case


Ultra Case Luxury Edition Royal Crown

This ultra luxurious and enormous iPhone case is available with an artificial heart-shaped crystal which affixed on its back. It also includes a jeweled crown topped by the dazzling arrangement of Swarovski crystals which make it include in the most costly iPhone cases list. This kind of slim and royal iPhone case is available in the market with a price tag of $179.99.

Ultra Case Luxury Edition Royal Crown Photo

Ultra Luxury Edition Royal Crown Most Expensive iPhone Case

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