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Most Expensive Computer of the World

Some of the Most Expensive Computer of the World

The most expensive computer of the world is located at Earth Stimulator Center in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Japan named as Earth Stimulator. This most costly computer was developed by the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Japan Marine Science and Technology Center and by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency in 1997. Japanese government spent $400, 00,000 for the assembling this fastest computer of the world. This highly budget project was permitted for the Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation and for the National Space Development Agency of Japan.

Earth Stimulator Computer Photo

Earth Stimulator Computer Photo

Each processor of this most expensive computer of the world includes eight vector processors with 16 GB memory space which runs at top speed of 500 MHz’s. This mega computer with 5120 processors in total provides large memory of 10 terabytes. The whole system of this best computer was able to run for holistic simulations of global climate around the atmosphere and the oceans depth for the resolution of 10 km. The making of this most costly computer was done on the basis of LINPACK benchmark with 35.86 TFLOPS, which is five time faster than ASCI White.

Earth Stimulator System Pic

Earth Stimulator System Pic

This extreme computer is used for wide diversity of international projects, most of the topics related to oceanographic simulation, climate and atmospheric conditions.

Earth Stimulator Computer Picture

Earth Stimulator Computer Picture

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