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Most Expensive Cell Phones

World’s Most Expensive Cell Phones

Many people enjoy having quality cell phones to reflect their standard of living and consider them to be consumable goods after few years. People do not purchase up their cell phone just for chatting but also to show up their status. The world’s most costly cell phones shown here are also included in the list of status symbols of people.

The Chairman by Ulysse Nardin

This is a most expensive cell phone with a price tag of $49,500 includes both touch and type features. This cell phone is often associated with extravagance watch because of its complicated design. Ulysse Nardin uses a kinetic rotor power system in this cell phone which is also viewable through its backplate. The volume control of this cell phone look like a watch button and the crown between them is actually wound to produce power for the device.

Ulysse Nardin Chairman Most Expensive Cell Phone


Nokia 8800 Arte with pink diamonds

The most costly cell phone is designed by Peter Aloisson which prices up to $1.34 million. This graceful cell phone features like solid 18k white gold along with 680 pink and white brilliant cut diamonds which is totaling up to 21.5 carats. This branded cell phone includes a music player, a 3.15 mega-pixel camera with autofocus and video, voice memo and bluetooth.

Most Expensive Cell Phone Nokia 8800 Arte with Pink Diamonds


Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

This imperial cell phone with a price tag of $3 million describes the actual state of the art of technology instead of glittering good looks it doesn’t mean that it lack of it. This exclusive cell phone includes OLED technology which is underside by polycarbonate skin and provides the phone a new face of 4 megapixels borderless screen. The mirror finish of this phone gives it a lustrous and ultramodern look.

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Most Expensive Cell Phone


Vertu Signature Cobra

This most expensive cell phone designed by Boucheron, a French jeweler which prices up to $3.1 million. This is a limited edition phone includes eight pieces of its kind. This imperial cell phone is made with two individual emeralds and diamonds along with other 439 rubies. For the buyers who are fifty percent rich rather being obscenely rich then they can have Signature Python. This cell phone doesn’t includes rubies and available for the mere price of $1.15 million. Both these phones draw out the awesome feature of having frikkin’ snakes on them.

Vertu Signature Cobra Most Costly Cell Phone


Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

This is limited edition ultra-exclusive phone with only three unique pieces with each price tag of $1 million. This most costly cell phone truly lives up his name not because for its extraordinary price but due to inspiring Egyptian design by its looks. This phone features like 200-year old African Blackwood which is use for making bezel and back panel of the phone and it is well decorated by 45.5 carats of black diamonds. The each key of this unique phone is cut from a hand-refined sapphire crystal. All the above luxurious materials are set up in a 180-gram of solid gold frame. This regal cell phone has a right home in the hands of Las Vegas high-roller.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot Most Expensive Cell Phone


The Diamond Crypto Smart Phone

This royal cell phone with a price tag of $1.3 million is created by Peter Aloisson, a luxury accessory producer. This most costly smartphone highly price because of its platinum body adorned by 50 diamonds which includes eight rare blue diamonds. In addition the navigation key and Ancort logo are made up of 18k rose gold. This expensive mobile phone is built on Windows CE with features like 256 bit cryptographic algorithm and high resolution TFT display. This expensive cell phone includes MMS, SMS, E-mail and Internet capability, JAVA support, WAP along with media player.

The Diamond Crypto Smartphone Most Costly Cell Phone


GoldVish ‘Le Million’ Piece Unique

This most luxurious phone was certified by Guinness World Records on 29th January, 2008. This exclusive mobile phone was added to illusion collection by its creator Emmanuel Gueit. This expensive cell phone is set up by the 20 carats of VVS1 diamonds and 18k white gold. This costly cell phone includes features like 2 GB storage space, a digital camera, Bluetooth, FM radio and MP3 playback. This most exclusive cell phone cost $1.3 million and available on special order only.

GoldVish Le Million Piece Unique Most Costly Cell Phone

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