4:46 am - Saturday January 19, 2019

Swamp Wars

Swamp Wars: Pits of Humans against Snakes and Lizards

Swamp Wars is a documentary series focuses on the city Miami known for its party culture and is famous for its beaches, luxury hotels and late nightclubs. Beside this kind of urban civilization it is also very famous for the access of reptiles particularly snakes and lizards. Show describes the Miami Dade Rescue’s Venom Response Team. The paramedic rescue members who remove these deadly creatures such as Pythons, Tegu lizards and other reptiles from the residential area and releases them far away from the human society.

This show shows us how these rescue team members save these wild creatures and conserves them in snake conservation area. On getting any information about the entry of these creatures around anywhere in Miami the rescue team goes to that particular location and removes these creatures from that site. They lessen the access of these reptiles in the human residency and save people being harm by them.

Miami King Cobra

Miami King Cobra snake


Reptile in the Lake of Miami

Reptile rest on stone in the lake of Miami


Rescue Member in Snake Conservation Area

Rescue member try to get hold on snake


Rescue Team Conserving Snake

Rescue team try to put snake into bucket


Snake Rescue Team Member with Snake

Snake rescue team member with snake

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  1. Ambika
    August 16, 2011 at 2:43 pm #

    Information about the snakes its good for the people.

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