3:34 pm - Thursday January 17, 2019

The Osbournes House

Osbournes Home in Hills of California

Osbournes House is located at luxurious Hidden Hills of California in United States. Osbournes family who self have titled a reality show on MTV Channel spent $13 million to buy this graceful house in the woods of beautiful hills of California.

Osbournes Home is built up on a land which almost cost up to $10 million. Osbournes House covers the land of vast area of 10,953 square feet out of which 2.3 acres of area is used in this huge mansion. Osbournes House includes 6 majestic bedrooms and 10 ceremonial bathrooms and even an outdoor swimming pool.

Osbournes Image

Osbourne family


Osbournes House Picture

Osbournes House illuminated from light


Osbournes Home Image

Osbournes Home interior


Osbournes Home Photo

Room design in Osbournes Home


Osbournes Home Pic

Osbournes Home inside view


Osbournes Home Picture

Living Area in Osbournes Home


Osbournes House Image

Bed and Play Room in Osbournes House


Osbournes Home Wallpaper

Staircase and decoration Osbournes Home


Osbournes House Wallpaper

Bathroom view of Osbournes House


Osbournes House Pic

Colorful Osbournes House


Osbournes House Photo

Osbournes House far top view

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