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Celine Dion House

Celine Dion Waterpark Home

Celine Dion House is located at Jupiter Island, Florida in United States. This house is also known as Waterpark House. Celine Dion owns this house for $20 million whose net worth is of $260 million. This jumbo construction of Water Park was done on the cost of 6 million gallons of water per year.

Celine Dion Home is surrounded by huge pools and non-natural rivers which make delight during summer afternoons. There is also 5 massive private wells were develop in this mansion so they do not face any acute water shortage. The whole mansion is high-lighted by well-designed black and white colors.

Celine Dion Image

Celine Dion with open hair


Celine Dion House Picture

Swimming pool in Celine Dion House


Celine Dion House Wallpaper

Celine Dion House Night Nature


Celine Dion Home Image

Celine Dion water park design house


Celine Dion Home Photo

Celine Dion Home has a tennis court

Celine Dion Home Pic

Celine Dion Home Aerial view


Celine Dion Home Picture

Celine Dion Home Top View


Celine Dion Home Wallpaper

Celine Dion Home Complete View


Celine Dion House Image

Celine Dion House far aerial view


Celine Dion House Photo

Celine Dion House Side Top View


Celine Dion House Pic

Water falling into the pool

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  1. Amrita
    August 18, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    Really i surprise when i saw Celine Dion.

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