3:33 pm - Thursday January 17, 2019

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Mike Tyson observing his Pigeon

Taking on Tyson

Taking on Tyson: A Documentary Series hosted by Mike Tyson Taking on Tyson is a documentary series hosted by boxing legend Mike Tyson. This show focuses on the America’s most famous pigeon racing event. Mike Tyson returns to this show to win...
Snake rescue team member with snake

Swamp Wars

Swamp Wars: Pits of Humans against Snakes and Lizards Swamp Wars is a documentary series focuses on the city Miami known for its party culture and is famous for its beaches, luxury hotels and late nightclubs. Beside this kind of urban civilization...
Jeremy with Giant Cat fish

River Monsters

River Monsters: The Monsters of Dark River monster is a fish hunting series hosted by biologist and tremendous angler, Jeremy Wade. He explores rivers to find out Monster fish with a taste for human flesh. This is a heart stopping ride of dark...
People trying to save themselves

I Shouldn’t Be Alive

I Shouldn’t Be Alive: True Surviving Stories I shouldn’t be alive is a show based on shockingly true survival stories. In this survival series the survivor tell his own survival story, with amazing surviving situation. The survivor narrates...
Man with Anaconda

Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions: Human Relations with Wild Animals Fatal Attractions is a documentary series focuses on human obsessions with wild animals which can become dangerous and fatal sometimes. It shows the story of the people having great potential...