11:43 pm - Wednesday April 25, 2018

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Swamp Brothers Photo

Swamp Brothers

Swamp Brothers: Florida’s Animal Saviors Swamp Brothers is an amazing documentary series on Discovery channel showcasing two different kinds of Keszey’s brother running their real bites family business in fatal swamps of Florida. Robbie...
Whale in Antarctic Ocean

Whale Wars

Whale Wars: A Step to Save Whales Whale Wars a show based on Sea shepherd conservation society which goes to the Antarctic Ocean to save Whales from the Japanese Whaling Ship. The Sea Shepherd having a ship along with a helicopter and two small...
Giant Swordfish spotted


Swords: Life on the Line Swords is a documentary series based on New England’s fisherman who toke all risk to hunt their indefinable kills of Swords fish in the world’s most dangerous waters. They are much experienced in their work and are...
Bear Grylls catch a Lobster

Man Vs Wild

Man Vs Wild: Bear Grylls Extreme Adventures Man Vs Wild is the famous survival series hosted by Bear Grylls. This show let us know that how to survive even if our daily needs are not with us and we are surrounded by wild location from all the...
Dave and Cody making plank

Dual Survivor

Dual Survivor with Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury Discovery Channel’s started the Adventure Series with Primitive man Cody Lundin and Military-Trained Dave Canterbury named Dual Survival. These two survivor expert under some very basic and...
Dropping Crabs in Freezer

Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch: About Catching Alaskan King Crabs Deadliest is a reality television series on Discovery Channel. In the far northern part of the planet a rare groups of extreme fisherman hunt the Bering Sea for fishing Alaskan king crabs. Fishing...